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Reader reviewed by Julie

The only word I can think of to summarize my review of "Fallen" by
Lauren Kate. Her debut novel not only sparkles, it charms to the core of
your soul.

could not put this book down. Staying up past midnight, I turned the
pages, telling myself just a couple of more minutes. Reluctantly, I had
to go to sleep. But the next morning, I immediately picked up the book
to finish it -- that's good fiction! What makes it even better fiction
-- I can't wait until September 28, 2010 when the second book,
"Torment," is released.

only is the book cover one of the most stunning I've ever seen, but it
also feels like velvet (a trend I've noticed in recent hardcover books).
It definitely fulfills its promise of a thrilling book.

characters are engaging and unique, especially Luce Price, the
protagonist torn between mysterious Daniel Grigori and dangerous Cam
Briel at the boarding/reform school, Sword & Cross. Both of the male
leads oozed cool in their own unique way. Luce's back story is
extremely interesting, especially the scary shadows she's seen all her
life. I also like her parents and her loving feeling toward them despite
them putting her away for not being "normal."

residents of Sword & Cross are very clever. But the name of the
school confused me. I thought it was going to be a paranormal version of
Hogwarts which didn't seem to be the case. Nevertheless, I enjoyed
every word of the book, so much that I plan on reading it again.

The one plot twist I wish I hadn't known was that Daniel was a fallen
angel and his reason for not wanting anything to do with Luce. Obviously
the publisher's synopsis mentions angels, but nothing more, however if
you were to read the synopsis on Barnes and Noble's website, it almost
gives the major plot twists away. I'm glad I didn't see that synopsis
before I read the book. END SPOILER.

Scoop: "Fallen" is, currently, in development by Walt Disney Pictures.
Kathyrn Price and Nichole Millard of Mayhem Pictures (Invincible, Secretariat, Tooth Fairy) are signed on as screenwriters. Here's hoping they do it justice because Invincible was a very good film, but Tooth Fairy -- not so much. I Team Daniel or Team Cam? I really like Daniel, but he seems
like he's not telling the whole truth about Luce's past. Despite his
dark side, Cam appears to be more genuine, so it's Team Cam for me. But
I'm sure he's hiding some dark secrets too. After all, they're at Sword
& Cross. Which interestingly enough wasn't explained. Will more
information will be revealed in the second book?

was unlike any YA paranormal book I've read before. It goes on my list
of top fave books. "Fallen" gave me the same feeling after I read Harry
Potter for the first time: I want more!

Note: "Reprinted here with author's permission"

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