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A Magnet
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Reader reviewed by Kare

You know when you are attracted to a book and can't figure out why? Maybe it was the stunning cover, or the mysterious title, or even the gripping description but the fact of the matter is I was drawn to this book. In a way similar to how Nora is drawn to Patch. I bought it on the fly and don't , nay, can't regret it! Something I look for in books is how clean they are and this book was surprisingly clean I can't recall any cuss words and the most drastic love scene was a kiss. When I wasn't reading this book I couldn't help thinking about it, so like when my parents tore me away from it to eat dinner I was thinking what is Nora going to do next?  It was a book that was hard to put down so at 2:30 in the morning I was rationalizing with myself  whether to put down the book, only to  put it down and then pick it back up at 2:32 (of course I would keep reading!!). A truely captivating book that will have you guessing who exactly is in Nora's head till the very end.

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