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Reader reviewed by sariebearie08

I was extremely excited about reading Fallen, I have seen it everywhere
and the cover is absolutely stunning. So, I recently picked it up at
the bookstore and I took it on vacation with me. I was able to finish
it within a few days and here is what I think. Fallen was a good book.
What is one of my favorite books? No. But it was good. I think the
story was very imaginative and I adore Luce. I found her very
realistic, her actions were always in the realm of sanity for a
seventeen year old girl. In fact, all of the characters were very fun
to follow - especially Daniel. I found myself wanting to find out what
exactly was going on in his mind and why he was acting the way he was.
However, my one and only real problem with this book is that it seemed
to drag. I found myself repeatedly skimming paragraphs and sometimes
even pages, especially those that dragged on about the particular shade
of the shadow Luce was currently seeing. That being said, I truly
enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the next in the series! 
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