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Young Adult Fiction 1805
Dangerous double life of a zombie
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Karen Desonne is living a dangerous double life. When she was alive, Karen lived the live of a normal teen. Now that she's a dead, she's trying to pass as a 'beating heart', someone who is alive.

In the meantime, her other zombie friends have been framed in the murder of a lawyer. They have to go underground to avoid being killed again. This time for good. Karen ends up trying to get close to Pete Martinsburg, someone she thinks is behind the hoax. She hopes by doing this she'll be able to expose Pete and help her friends. But is Karen playing with fire?

This is the third book in the Generation Dead series. Karen is fighting not only against the prejudice of being undead but in being true to herself. I liked Karen's struggle to try to pass off as a beating heart. She even ends up working for a shop in the mall which is against the law. It was kind of hard to accept at times that no one wouldn't know she was in fact undead. But Karen has an ability that the other zombies lack. I found this ability intriguing and couldn't help but wonder if other zombies in future books will be able to do the same thing.

Also I wanted to know more about Tommy's experience in Washington DC and his campaign to get a proposition passed that guaranteed rights to the recent undead. I found that these injustices mirrored other minority groups and ones right now. The whole political correctness felt kind of real. I mean, what would happen if a virus caused teens to come back from the dead? Interesting premise that I totally loved in the first book. I felt some of the newest was kind of lacking in this book. One reason why I give this book a 3 and a half rating. Loved the premise and writing. The ending is a total shocker. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

Peter's character was down right creepy at times though his past gives him some vulnerabilities. It would have been very easy to make him just evil but the author does a great job peeling back some of his layers.

Generation Dead is one of those books that gives a unique twist to the whole zombie premise.
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