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Reader reviewed by Jillian R

Synopsis: Nora
Grey is a normal teenage girl living a normal life. But when she meets
and falls for a mysterious guy named Patch, everything in her life is

Plot: 3 stars
liked the whole 'fallen angel' premise. I haven't read any in that
subject matter yet, so this was all new to me. I found that it was
intriguing; I wanted to learn more. While the main plot is good,
unfortunately, it fell a little flat with its development. I also
thought that it felt a little rushed; especially the ending.

Writing: 3 stars
writing was good. Though it did sound a bit cliche at times, I thought
the flow and pace was effortless, making this a fast and entertaining

Characters: 2.5 stars
Now as for the characters,
honestly, I did not like them at all. I found the main protagonist,
Nora, a bit unlikable with her gullible and silly ways. I found her
best friend, Vee, annoying. Patch was okay, but he didn't really stand
out to me. In fact, I actually found his whole 'bad boy' character a
bit overdone.
As for Nora
and Patch's love story.. well, was there really one? To be honest, I
didn't see it. I actually kept praying Nora would just dump Patch right
away; I didn't see their connection. I didn't see that they cared about
each other. I just didn't get it.

Pros: It was entertaining
enough that it didn't bore me, or put me to sleep. I certainly don't
think it's a waste of time; it can be worth it, actually. That's always
a good thing.

Overall: 3 stars
Hush, Hush was
just okay. I probably expected more, because of the countless rave
reviews. It is definitely not a bad book, but it didn't stand out as
much as I had hoped. The biggest downfall, for me, would probably be
the lack of development in the plot and character department. If there
were better development and flow, this book might get a better rating.
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