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Honestly? Im a tad bit disappointed.

Heres why: I finally realize what other reviewers have been saying
about the whole dragginess factor. While they were mostly talking about
the previous books, I think the same problem presents itself in the
final installment also. Lets take this back to the beginning of the
book, then. Im a bit confused about why Meyer would start the book
with Bella driving a special European car. While the car does serve its
purpose in further explaining Bellas personality, the car itself
doesnt hold much importanceafter all, it does get disposed off when
Bella turns into a vampire. I know this comment seems random, but Im
reminded of another review I read recently about how Meyer tends to put
in irrelevant things into the story, and now I agree. I could think of
many ways to start the book, and none of it includes the tiny detail of
a guy wanting to take a photograph of him next to Bellas new car. Its

But, lets move on. The wedding. I love how the wedding went in
general, as well as the honeymoon, but I couldnt get over how
annoyingly repetitive the descriptions were. Especially where it
concerns Edward. Bella consistently talks about how perfect Edward is.
We GET it. We know how gorgeous he is alreadytheres no need to
describe his ultra smooth skin, intense eyes, and etc. It just gives
someone else the sense that Bella is superficialthat shes more
attracted to Edwards good looks than the person. Again, moving on.
From the moment they land on the island for their honeymoon, I know the
plot is going to move extremely slow. Maybe thats Meyers plan, but
Id prefer the action, thank you very much. The whole pregnant thing
was blown out of proportion to me. Its like, yes, theres going to be
a baby, but does it really take that long to get the story to unfold
while Bella is pregnant? I just think there are a lot of unnecessary
things that didnt need to be included but were added for the sake of
making the book longer.

With those two things in mind, I just feel like I cant appreciate
the story for what it is. Plusand maybe its just because it hasnt
been a really good week for me for readingits not exactly the most
exciting book in the series. I just loved the first one, the one that
started my obsession, but now, I feel like she could have wrapped her
story simply in three novels.
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