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Reader reviewed by Liz Savage

When I first picked up Snitch, I knew it would probably be good, but I
was still pleasantly surprised by much I enjoyed it. Its not exactly
the type of novel I tend to read, but Im really glad I did. Ive also
read Raven by the author, but if I had to decide which was better, I
would say Snitch. Allison van Diepen knows how to get to the heart of
an issue and explore it in ways that you might not have thought about

In Snitch, Julia DiVino attends South Bay High School, a
school run by several gangs and where joining one is easier than
staying out. Julia has managed so far to stay out of profile by not
offending anyone and would never dream of joining a gang, even though a
couple of her friends are in one. Its a hard line to walk but
everything changes the day she meets Eric Valiente, a new student who
has transferred to their school with a mysterious past. Soon enough,
the lines are blurred and Julia finds herself falling for him.
Friendships will be tested and sides will have to be taken... but will
Julia even make it out alive?

The details in Snitch are so
unlike what my life is like, but Im sure there are people who will be
able to relate to some of the situations. I wouldnt necessarily
recommend this novel to younger teens because there is some heavier
subject matter than most teen books, but thats up to your discretion.
Snitch is a page-turner and once I began, I found it hard to put down
until I was finished.
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