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fearless is a book with a message that will stick with you for
a long time. It is not just another book that youll forget about a week after
you read it; it is essentially a work of art. The language is poetic, and the
strength of the main character is astounding. Although it is a simple book,
with a simple message Believe in yourself, it stands out from the crowd.
Although its been done a thousand times before, it is amazingly different,
unique, and powerful. It will capture you whether or not you like it- and you
wont want to put it down until the very last page.  The language used by the characters can be a
bit unrealistic, but if it werent, the effect of the book would be gone. It would be just another believe in
yourself book. Tim Lott is an amazing writer, with great ideas. Every word he
writes is believable; every character he creates is entirely real. The main
character is known as Little Fearless, a name which is not entirely
un-earned. She is the only one of a thousand girls to stand up for herself, and
for all of them. Based in the basic human ideas of bravery, and truth, and
freedom, this book is a wonderfully wrought tale of truth and justice, and,
ultimately, freedom. The messages in this book are not complicated, and not
hidden under layers of other meaning, but they are bold and plain, for anyone
to see. The openness of this book, its whole and un-assuming character, not
hidden by anything, but just bold and beautiful, for the whole world All of
that makes this book one of the best - one of the elite. It is a highly
recommended read for anyone whos

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