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Wow. This book I don't even know what to say, other than that
I loved it. It's about so many things: Love, death, friendship,
family.... It's just amazing. I was sucked into the story and couldn't
get out until I finished it.

Anna is a really good narrator. She's like your best friend, only
sadder. Frankie was kind of annoying; all that she really cared about
were clothes and boys. But that's after her brother Matt's death, and
when someone dies it changes people. Anna has never really been able to
get over Matt's death. She kept their relationship a secret even after
he died, as it was her last promise to him. She feels terrible about
keeping it from Frankie, but she thinks that she has to.

Ockler does an amazing job with characterization. I was slightly annoyed
with Frankie, but I think that she wanted it to be that way. My heart
was also broken many times throughout, but it was always put back
together again. I don't know how she made me care so much about a
character that I knew for maybe 25 pages, or how she managed to make me
feel whatever Anna was feeling, but she did.

Basically, this book is great, you should read it.
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