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Fallen (Fallen #1) By Lauren Kate
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Reader reviewed by KeturCullen1340

Book Review: Introducing the book
I have been waiting all year for and quite frankly I was disappointed. I
waited all year for this "ultimate love story" to be disturbed that I
did not like it. This book is great, don't get me wrong, but I am the
type of person who gets bored very easily and this story went on too
slowly for me. Daniel and Luce are hardly ever together, although it was
like a "New Moon" not together. Daniel stays away to protect Luce. It
seems like the story focuses more on her time at the school and her
friends and not her love for Daniel. It sounds like in the story that
Luce is a stupid, lovesick girl and being in love makes you stupid, but
this was too much. I would have thought will Luce seeing those shadows
she wouldn't be so dependent. Since it is a series I was thinking that
Lauren will make Luce mature more and not make her seem like a little
girl. This is just the beginning for the series, so hopefully in the
next book, Torment, out in September 2010 will be more focused on Luce
and Daniel and not Luce and her friends. It seems like the next book
will also be continuing a Daniel-Luce-Cam love triangle. Since this book
moves slowly it might be read every once in a while, but I will hold
out for the next book before I go making assumptions about the whole
series. But maybe the reaction I had was what Lauren was going for
because now I can't wait to buy the next book so I can find out whether
things will get better. Even if I didn't like this book as much as I
would have like to, as long as Lauren continues making the books so long
and make them have such pretty covers, I will be satisfied. I
desperately need something to fill my time in my boring English class.
Go out and cop this book, people because if it's one thing I know it is
that not everyone sees the glass half empty.

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