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Reader reviewed by Jessica

Right off the bat, this is my favorite book of The House of Night series. Yes, its only book 4, but it is fantastic. This book doesnt deal with Zoeys love life as much as the others have. Im all for the ooey-gooey bits, but this one does well without her having a boy (or man) in her life. It focuses on Zoey coming into her own and she is beginning to portray the high priestess that she really is.

A new character, Stark, is introduced, but his part is just too short in this book, so Im hoping there will be more to come of him in the future books. Neferet has truly gone evil and Aphrodite is, gasp, nice! I finally like Aphrodite and am happy to read about her snobby self without wanting to smack her. Zoeys Grandma comes to stay at The House of Night and it is easy to feel the love all of the fledglings feel towards this woman. The Casts did a wonderful job of weaving Cherokee stories into the book for both background purposes and featuring the tales up front and center.

The novel is a quick read because its just so hard to put it down. The book comes to a close in the midst of the action and you are left unaware of whats happened to some of the characters outside of the main group of friends. It is the biggest cliffhanger of the series thus far, leaving us waiting to find out how Zoey will save the world.
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