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Wondrous Strange: A Great First Novel
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Reader reviewed by Kelsey

I confess that I hate the book cover, so this isn't the reason why I
decided to read this book. Around the blogosphere, this book, along with
Darklight is lighting up like a
"firecracker." (Those who read the book will know what I'm talking
about!) So I decided to read and review it for myself to see what all
the fuss is about.

Pros: the plot is well laid out, the
characters are well-developed and entertaining, plenty of action and
humor, and the book was well-written.

Cons: Wondrous Strange lagged in the
beginning, and took me a while to get into. But I was glad a fellow
blogger (Kelly at Midnight Glance) told me about that specific con of
the book before I read it, so I knew that it was going to get better.
And it definitely did! A minor con in the book was one of the main
characters' name: Sonny. I didn't like his name at all. I wish
Livingston would've switched Sonny and Maddox's names. I felt that
"Maddox" was a better fit for Sonny's character, and the name "Sonny"
seemed more like a main character's sidekick name. But like I said, very
minor con.

Even though I really enjoyed Wondrous Strange, this isn't one of my favorite books. I
can't really say why, but it's

Lesley Livingston wrote a great first novel, and I will add
Darklight to my huge
to-be-read pile.
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