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A funny and intriguing glimpse into the teenage years
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All teenagers feel as bizarre as the title character in Susan Juby's book, though few would articulate their feelings in as funny a manner. Alice gives the book a refreshing voice. She's a crazy, mixed-up teenager who feels like she doesn't belong in her own life. Or, anyone's life, for that matter. She feels alienated from her peers and her family. Who are these crazy people surrounding her?

Don't all teenagers feel that way?

The story is a comic coming-of-age that deals honestly (and with great humor) with Alice's constant mishaps in dating, relating with others and fashion. You can't help but like Alice even as you wonder how her mother puts up with her.

Of course, you also have to wonder how Alice puts up with her mother. Imagine, if you will, a scene in a parking lot where your mother is engaged in a cat fight with the most dangerous girl from school. Not only that, but you have just stepped from a beauty parlor after the world's worst hair cut. And, that's why your mother is fighting with the girl in question. It's enough to make any teenager cringe.

Alice's adventures with boys will have you laughing out loud. Actually, the entire book will have you laughing hard enough to make your parents wonder what is going on. You'll just have to make them read the book too.

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