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Reader reviewed by Erica

Wondrous Strange is an absolutely stellar debut from Lesley Livingston. Wondrous Strange is just magic, and you find yourself addicted from page 1. Wondrous Strange bends reality just enough to incorporate the fantasy and still have that realistic feel about it.

I have seen Wondrous Strange compared to books like Wicked Lovely and Tithe everywhere. I haven't read Wicked Lovely, but I have read Tithe. I liked Tithe, but I felt Wondrous Strange crossed the line and became amazing. I loved the incorpotation of theater in the plot. The story was that many know, so as you read the book you saw the characters in different places. I loved the point of view switch at times - you had parts told from Kelley's point of view and other's from Sonny's.

The characters all just come alive! Even minor characters that play such a small role, stick out in your mind and are memorable. Sonny was such a sweet character - you can't help but to fall for him. Sonny and Kelley's romance was so sweet and had me awwwing at it throughout the entire book.

The ending will leave you breathless, and begging for the sequel. I would recommend Wondrous Strange to everyone! Whether you're a fairy lover or not, this is a book to read!
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