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Looking For Alaska: A Great Book
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Reader reviewed by Julia Kunemund

            Looking For Alaska, by John Green, makes you think about your life in a different way. It shows that sometimes you have to branch out from your normal routine, and take a leap into the unknown to truly live you life. The main character, Miles (also known as Pudge), journeys to a boarding school in search of his Great Perhaps, and there he makes new friends Chip the Colonel Martin and Alaska Young. Miles soon falls in love with Alaska, whose unbridled spirit and strange mood swings leave Miles constantly trying to unravel her mystery. His friends open him up to new experiences and different ways of thinking, and show that people can change you, for better or worse, but their lessons stick with you forever.

            There are two parts to this book, labeled before and after, where before you learn about Miles and get a feel for the characters and plot, and after Miles seems to change as he tries to solve a mystery with his friends.

            I liked this book a lot, although the second part drags along a bit. John Greens style of writing is unique, and he has other books out that were good as well, like Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines.
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