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Reader reviewed by Jessica Puopolo

My friend told me that Boy2Girl by Terence Blacker was a great book and I was trying to decide on what book to read next, so I decided to read it and find out myself if it was really that good a book. It is about an American boy, Sam Lopez, whose mother died in an accident while his father was in jail. In her will, she wanted her sister, who lives in England, to take care of her son. When he gets there, he acts like America is so much better and cooler than England. Sam wants to join the gang that Matt, his cousin, is in. They don't really like him or want him in the gang so they come up with a plan. Sam has to pass an initiation test that none of them think he will ever do. The task he must perform is to pretend to be a girl the first week at his new school and to be believable, too. It wont be that hard for him to look the part because Sam has long blonde hair that Matt and his friends think makes him look sort of like a girl. Sam is tough and can get angry so it is hard for him to act the part, too. When things are finally going well for him, or her, twists come and he has to change. Can he do it? Will he pull it off? What will happen at school after the first week? What would happen if his dad gets out of jail? All will be answered in this book. The author wrote this book so that the story is told in small parts each told by different characters point of view, even though Sam isnt actually one of them for some reason. I thought that this book was humorous and was a good book. It didnt take me that long to finish, which means it wasnt terrible. It takes me longer to read books I dont like than books I do. If you are in the mood for a book that isnt that hard to read and is entertaining and witty, then I think this book is for you.
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