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The book, My Sister's Keeper, was written by Jodi Picoult in 2006, an award nominee for Best Novel.  The author lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children and is the New York Times bestselling author for My Sister's Keeper.  This book is about a girl named Kate who was diagnosed with leukemia when she was two-years-old.  Her brother Jesse was not a blood match so he could not giver her blood cells or any organs to help her survive.  Kate's parents, Brian and Sara, dicided to have another baby that was genetically designed to match Kate so that it could be a donor.  The babay they had was a girl named Anna.  She was engineered to donate to Kate when she would go into remission.  Anna had been donating to Kate for thirteen years of her life when she decided to sue her parents for legal emancipation for medical purposes.  When Anna was thirteen she decidedthat she no longer wanted to risk her life to try to save her sisters'. Her parents are furious and think that Anna is only doing it so that she can have some of the attention instead of Kate getting it all the time.  At this time Kate is in remission and needs a kidney in order to survive.  Meanwhile, their brother Jesse begins to get in a lot of trouble because he does not want his sister to be sick and it takes some of the stress off.  He begins to set abandoned buildings on fire, start drugs, and moves above the garage to make it more like an "apartment."  The family struggles to stay together and everyone turns into a wreck not knowing if Kate will survive, Anna win her case, or if Jesse stays out of trouble.  San Jose Mercury News commented, "Full of insight, inspiration, and heartbreak...Picoult's handling of the central issue is flawless."
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