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Messages Through the Air
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Reader reviewed by Dave

I have a soft spot for books on utopian societies.  Commentary on worlds, cultures, or, in this case, towns that try to solve and maintain a permanent sense of peace and harmony highlight both the best and worst of our world.

Oscar Banks lives in Candor, a developmental community established by his father where everything and everyone is perfect.  They are kept this way via subliminal audio messages that are worked into the everyday ambience of Candor life.  "Respectful space in every space" keeps young adults from getting to close.  Fortunately for Oscar, he's been able to make some decent money distributing his own sabotage messages for clients that wish to escape the mind-controlled world that is Candor.  

One day, however, his world is shaken forever.  A new girl, Nia Silva, shows up and Oscar decides that instead of helping her escape, he will help save her and have her live, as happily as possible, with him.  As their relationship grows, she becomes very upset when she discovers that he has also been feeding her messages - even if they were to protect her. 

Oscar, left without his love, does everything in his powers to save her and puts himself at great risk in the process.

Overall, this was a very good book.  Stays clean enough to keep it on middle school shelves but has just enough intrigue, romance, and twisted moments to keep even reluctant readers engaged.
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