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Veronica just happens to love vintage clothing and working at the Clothing Bonanza, a vintage clothing palace. Veronica also happens to be fifteen, fat, and friendless. Her one thing she looks forward to is the Employees Only section at the consignment shop where she finds treasures from the other fashion disasters that end up going down a chute to the Dollar-a-Pound area of the store.

She likes being alone that is until two of the outrageous salesgirls befriend her and want her to spy on Len, the awkward stock boy Veronica nicknames The Nail. Everything is fine at first until Veronica gets to know Len. Should she continue spying and be a part of a group of friends? Or should she do what she feels is right even if this means she'll lose the friendship of the two salesgirls?

I really liked Veronica. For one thing she knows she's fat but doesn't obsess over it. She loves vintage clothing, flea markets, and sketching clothing. I loved how the author gives readers a multi-dimensional character without the usual woe is me cliches. Bravo!

The Clothing Bonanza is a character too. I loved the rich and vivid descriptions of this consignment store. My favorite scene has to be the discards or DEP that are tossed down a chute and rain down on customers below. I'd love to visit a consignment store like that!

The relationship between Len and Veronica felt real and not forced. I couldn't help but think of America Ferrera in Real Women Have Curves. Both characters aren't obsessed with their figures and both end up with a guy. Veronica though starts out somewhat shy around others and arcs toward the end of the story.

This is a fun read that is sure to appeal to those who like stories with memorable characters such as Veronica.
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