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Reader reviewed by Michael Williams

Readers of this book might not know this, but Animal Farm is very political.  George Orwell was going to write it about Russian Communism, but he couldnt use the real names or people so he used animals.

Animal Farm is a short book about animals that are overworked and underfed by an abusive owner and his workers.  So they decide to take over the farm.  After the revolt, they write the rules of Animal Farm on the barn.  Soon after a pig named Napoleon wants all the power but another pig named Snowball is in his way.  Napoleon then runs Snowball out of Animal Farm and takes the total power.  He starts to change the rules, but will the other animals notice?  How far will Napoleon go to keep total power?

I think Animal Farm was a great book because it taught a lesson to the reader and showed how easy it is to manipulate the public.  George Orwell did a great job with this book.  This is a classic I think everyone will enjoy.

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