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Quentin Jacobsen has an ordinary boring life and that is just the way he likes it.  That is until his neighbor/girl of his dreams, Margo Roth Spiegelman shows up at his window, just 24 days before graduation.  After a night of adventures, full of righting wrongs, punishing the wicked, and breakings very separate from enterings, Margo disappears.  This begins the greatest adventure of Quentin, the boy next door.  Aided by his best friends, Radar and Ben, they embark on a search for Margo and learn that perhaps they never really knew her at all.


I read a lot of books and many of them are very disappointing.  That being said Paper Towns was a pleasure to read.  John Green masterfully tells the story of Quentin and his adventures.  Full of humor, intrigue, and a wistful sort of love, Paper Towns is the real deal.  You will find yourself tearing through the pages of this book, enamored of the journey.  In truth, this review cannot possibly do this book justice, so if you are looking for a supremely wonderful reading experience, pick up a copy of Paper Towns, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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