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To Twilight Or Not To Twilight.
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Reader reviewed by Ari

Honestly I only wanted to read this book at first so I could trash it brutally screaming, "Why cant anyone think of a original plot line that doesnt follow the junk known as TWILIGHT!!" But I was actually quite surprised. Although I wouldn't recomend it for romance junkies this book was considerably brilliant when it came to weaving in the biblical story of the angels and the mysterious world Lauren Kate wished to create. Romance did not occur until maybe the last sixty pages which I found quite shocking considering the synopsis built up to it sounding like it would be 10 pages in and they would be making out. Although quite similar to Twilight I found this story was extremely unique. I loved some of the dangerous, adreniline enhancing scenes. I was shocked at some of the disturbing, grotesque scenes. I honestly never wanted to put this book down. Almost every chapter dealt with Luce trying to figure out Daniel, and what was happening. The begining of the story gives a great deal of background to Luce's history as to how she ended up in Sword and Cross. I loved the prolouge although I found the epilouge to be quite confusing. Written in third person we learn of Luce and Daniel's eternal love that could never die. Until something changed. Something crucial. That may cause everything to end.
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