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Fallen is the story of a girl named Luce, who is sent to a reform school in Savannah after a tragic incident points to her. While at this school, Sword & Cross, she meets a slew of interestingly dark characters. One of which is the elusive, and mysterious Daniel Grigori. There is something oddly familiar about him that Luce can't quite put her finger on, and his adament aversion to her only causes her curiousity to deepen. What secrets unfold in this novel will leave you surpised, I promise you.
 I loved the tone to this novel. It has an eerie, gothic undertone to it, which I thought was perfect for the story. I loved the setting, a strange reform school, I have yet to read a novel set in a place like that. The de ja vu that Luce experiences when around Daniel is perfectly dropped at the perfect moments, I was definitely enraptured. This novel is definately in a league of it's own. My hat goes off to the author for such fresh imagination.
 The ending of the book tugs me in different directions. You don't entirely know what's going on until the end, and when I did some scenes I was fighting the urge to sigh at how close it was to being ridiculous. The author danced a thin line when it came to the story's end conclusion, and she still pulled it off beautifully, even if I'm a bit nervous about how deep it goes in the second book.
However, the book does it's job in shocking the crap out of you, and it's delicious when it does. I would definately recommend this book to others.
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