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By: Christopher pike


She said she killed them because they were no longer human. No, they arent vampires. This is no Edward and Bella love story. Vampires can control their thirst&monsters cant&.        

            Angela is determined to find out the mystery, behind Marys words. Kathy the head cheerleader CANNOT lift thousands of weights over her head, without breaking a sweat. HUMANS cant jump 20 feet in the air. Then again Mary said they werent human. Two people are dead how many more?

            Angela soon finds out the bitter truth behind Marys words, and realizes Mary wasnt lying. If only she found out earlier&she now wouldnt be a monster...her determination to kill the monsters is growing...but so is her thirst&will her thirst come in the way of saving the world? Or will she ruin everything by letting her thirst for blood control her? Will the amulet help her?

            This book drew me in, like a vampire draws blood from ones body. I was unable to put this book down; it seemed like a sin to not finish it, and was worth every minute. You will find yourself reading into the wee hours of the night. This is a PHENOMENAL book, written by none other than Christopher Pike. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. It has a trickle of everything; killed romance, blood and guts, and suspense to no extent. You want to know more...READ IT!            


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