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Reader reviewed by Selina C

Technically, I read this book at least two years ago, defiantly some time before the movie's mention. I fell in love with the whole plot of the Twilight saga, and the sweet, deadly romance struck up between Bella, the average run of the mill mortal, and Edward, an 107 teen who hasn't aged in a century. When Edward left Bella in New Moon, my heart broke. I wanted to cry with her, lost in the sorrow of her one true love, suddenly no longer wanting her, but her unable to avoid the craving for him. Of course, he was still in love with her, and the true romance behind this was his leaving her for her own good; foolish but romantic. Jacob Black became Bella's best friend and something more in this novel, and it finished out with an unsettled confrontation left for Eclipse, the rivalry for Bella between Edward and Jacob. Personally, there was never any contest-Edward was meant to be Bella's other half to make her whole, it was obvious to me since Twilight had first introduced him to be the mysterious loner of a family full of perfect matches.

Their separation only made the love grow stronger, and when, finally, theyre reunited at the end, I could feel my own heart heal itself form its invisible wound. New Moon is an amazing book, and if you havent read it yet, please do. Though I am glad for the amount of love being showered over the Twilight saga, it bothers me how far its being exploited- Twilight conversation hearts is a tad overboard, and Im praying we wont be seeing any Twilight shower curtains, promising perfect cover without water splashing outside your tub, along with a close up of the face of whichever character has stolen your affections. Jokes aside (I hope!) New Moon is an easy read novel, one youll be fighting to put down. Just dont let the teachers catch you reading in their class!

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