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Dear Big V:
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Courtney Cordon is the founder of Donuts and Coffee, her high schools abstinence club. But recently shes been at odds with the Lewds, the popular kids of her school. Then shes assigned a dream piece for her newspaper. Problem is she has to team up with the hottest guy at her school, Lance, whos also known as a player. Working with him brings out emotions she didnt think she hadsome of which involve confusion over her chaste ideals.

This is a fun, zippy tale that is funny with a likeable and sympathetic heroine. The voice is unique and catchy. Courtneys struggles are real especially when shes teamed with Lance, who brings up issues she thought she didnt have. How does she deal with the whole idea that she might like making out with a cute guy while still being part of a club that tells her it's wrong to have these feelings? This is sure to be a topic many can relate with.

Her diary entries to Big V, her virginity, are hilarious. This is one of the appeals of this story. The author does a great job of addressing sensitive subjects without being preachy.
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