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Reader reviewed by Alexa

I don't even know where to begin with this book. First of all, I loved
it and hated it all at once. I loved it because it was a fantastic
book, but I hated it because it made me cry more than I should in one
day (and I look TERRIBLE when I cry.)

From the first sentence to
the last sentence, I felt like I was right inside the book with the
characters. It felt like the character were actual people to me and I
was reading a biography of a part of someones actual life. Sarah Ockler
is an amazing author who transported me to another life for a day.

loved the story and how it all flowed together in the end. The
character had real personality and I cried as they cried. Though no one
in my family has died yet, I felt like I could relate to Anna, and at
times, I wanted to jump inside the book and comfort her.

book was very moving and I don't think I'll ever forget it.Of course
there are parts I would have liked better if they were different, but
what books are perfect?

Twenty Boy Summer is Sarah's first book and I can't wait to read her other works in the future.

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