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Mentally ill sixteen-year-old Hanna Jarvinen suffers from bipolar disorder. She has hallucinations, a medicine cabinet filled with pills, and lots of frilly violet dresses. Shes sick of being the freak and weird one. After escaping from being set to a mental institution by her aunt, she decides to go to a new town, Portero, Texas. Her long lost mother, Rosalee, lives there. Hanna hopes that Rosalee will now love her and accept her for who she is.

Problem is her fantasies of her mother are just thatfantasies. Rosalee wants nothing to do with her and threatens to send her back to the same mental institution her aunt threatened to put her in. Also somethings up with the town. Strange things are happening. Portero has its own dark secrets that involve hidden doors to different dimensions. These doors are protected by demon hunters called the Mortmaine. Hannas so-called craziness is a good thing otherwise these things would terrify her. Hanna tries to make sense of these secrets while also trying to get close to the mother that deserted her so long ago. Add a cute Mortmaine, a vengeful ghost, and demons. Nothing makes sense in this town. Only one thing is certain--no one, including Hanna is safe.

I really enjoyed this story. This tale is sure to stand out among other paranormals with a character who is not only biracial but who deals with very real issues such as mental illness and wanting to be loved. Hannas strength is her refusal to be ignored by those in the town and from her own mother. Shes strong yet also vulnerable.

Hannas bipolar traits are very realistic. Not many books address that yes, some bipolar individuals suffer from hallucinations. Her differences fit right in this town. Exactly what is normal? Instead of being freaked out by seeing demons and other weird things, she wants to help fight the dangers. And knows she can.

The images are intense and very vivid. The scene where Wyatt takes Hanna to her first demon hunting gives the reader a glimpse into the other dimensions in graphic detail. Hidden doors are everywhere. One of the best parts of this story is the setting. The towns eccentricities give flavor to this novel with its surreal citizens, secrets, and ghosts.

If youre looking for a paranormal novel with a twist, this is the one.

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