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Close to Flawless
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Being a very critical person by nature I tend to pick books apart while
reading. Throughout this whole book I was trying to figure out the
ending (which is unlike me, I usually pick apart characters and
grammar). I was dying to know what happened next so incredibly
badly that I was trying to guess it. I devoured this book in something
like 9 hours. Fallen angels, Bad boy extraordinaire, forbidden love,
and very real characters all made this book get well over five stars.
But to add to it, the plot twists were amazing and the writing
flawless. Even with the fact that I read an ARC and therefore there
were grammatical flaws here and there... there were less errors than in
the standard published novel. Which scores major props in my book. I'm
going to be buying this when it hits shelves October 13th so I can read
it again later. Yes, it was that good that I already want to reread it.
Can't wait for the sequel.

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