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Reader reviewed by Sarima89

I have just finished reading it, and I had to contain myself to go and buy Catching Fire.
The Hunger Games is a very original story, with an extrordinary world building, great characters and a plot that couldnt be better.
It has everything: suspense, intrigue, romance, drama, and something I really like were the descriptions, but also that sometimes, when descriptions were no necessary, the escenes were perfectly developed.
I really liked it. I dont know how could I take so long to read it, because it is awesome.
Katniss is an amazing girl, a survivor, but not everything is as easy as it sounds for her, because The Hunger Games are letal, and the contestants represent danger. So Katniss needs to stay alive, but not only her...
Is hard for me to talk without giving spoilers, so I just gonna say that is an awesome book, that will keep you reading until yo want more and more... luckily there is a sequel, that surely is gonna be as good as the first book.

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