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This book is told in a bit of a different way.  Death talks to us about his life a little, about picking up and caring for the souls of the dead, how he looks at the sky to fend off depression, how he wishes humans at times would just stop all the craziness that causes so much death. The backdrop of this book is Hitler and his war against Jews. But the majority of the book is Death telling us about Liesel.  Liesel's mother is poor and her and her brother are being taken to a foster family when Death first sees and notices Liesel.  Liesel's younger brother dies on the train ride and Death is there to take his soul.  He is drawn to Liesel and continues telling her story (and the story of those around her) for the rest of the book.  Liesel is a typical child with a wonderful gift with words.  At her brother's funeral, she picks up/steals a book about gravedigging that a new gravedigger accidentally dropped.  Every book Liesel steals is not really an act of crime, but more an act of chance.  Through Liesel we meet her foster family -Hans or  Papa, who is Liesel's saving grace in gentle ways and Rosa, who shows her love with a more tough love approach.  Liesel meets Rudy, a very charming young man with a strong sense of self.  They are both poor and start stealing food together and become, well best friends isn't strong enough to describe their bond.  We also meet Max, an escaped Jew, who has a surprising yet thin link to Papa.  When they take Max in and hide him, Liesel becomes a close friend to him and this sets off a chain of events that changes her life.  This book is utterly heartbreaking in many ways, but in a realistic approach to the subjects of love, fairness, war and the bonds people make with eachother.  This book absolutely sucked me in and is a book I will add to my shelf.  There were so many memorable little stories within the story in this book and so many highlights of the bonds Liesel shared with everyone.  Marcus Zusak really made the words in this book flow so beautifully, I will be reading more of his books, but The Book Thief was a perfect book to start with. 
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