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So what can I say that hundreds of other teenage girls havent already said? Should we talk about Twilight and the eerie similarities that many Twi-hards claim to have seen? Or should we talk about how OMG PATCH IS SO DREAMY *sigh/giggle*? Er forget I just said that.

So lets talk about Twilight and Hush, Hush and how Fitzpatrick is glaringly obvious that shes stealing Meyers work of art despite the fact Twilight has many similar traits in a majority of YA novels and vampire novels. Key word is vampire where Hush, Hush is obviously fallen angel. If that doesnt clue you in then you obviously need to back away from the Twilight books and the sparkling vampires because in no way will you ever be Edwards lover. Face it. Its true.

So you claim the biology class is all Twilight? Seriously though? Really!? Come on, freaking 10 pages of a book screams POSER, HYPOCRITE, and TWILIGHT STEALER!? Its high schooleveryone has biology! Although if it were up to me, I would like the two to meet up in Chemistry just for the cheesy punslets put some chemistry between usor something similar.

So lets talk about Edward and Patch. Patch is the dark, edgy, sexy version of Edward. I guess you can say hes wilder. That being said the entire novel is a darker theme. The term fallen angel can be accounted for this. Like Adam and Eve, Patch took the forbidden fruit. Whether he succeeded or failed it doesnt matter, in this one act his wings were ripped. In order to finally get what he has always wished for, Nora is the one person who can help him.

Hush, Hush was provocative and addicting. It was a novel that demanded to be inhaled in one sitting alone. The characters come off the pages like a black and white movie and a splash red lipstick or blood for dramatic effect. The rippling cause and effect with a dastardly villain in a pair of killer pumps shoots fire throughout the novelboth literally and figuratively.

Nora, headstrong, knows what to do most of the time which was a relief from contrasting heroines who can barely walk a traight line. Patch&well you already heard what I have to say about him. Together we can only hope that the sequel will bring us more giggles, swooning, and the constant omg omg omg squeal!

Overall: In order to possess a copy of this book I had willingly sold my kidney, liver, and spleen. Do I regret this decision? Absolutely not.

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