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Young Adult Fiction 1925
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Reader reviewed by Yan

Raven was an emotional roller coaster since the very beginning. Its a never ending ride that wont leave you bored.

What I greatly found enjoyable about Raven was the history of the characters. I found how they came to be interesting and captivating. Not only that, but how that defined them later on.

The dancing was fabulous! The battling was entertaining to read especially if the reader was able to visualize the stunts and tricks. Impressive terminology of the various moves to breaking and the description as well! While I was able to get the gist of many of the dances, after many television shows previously watched, I found that it might be a bit hard to understand for others. A glossary in the back going into further details would have been a bit helpful.

In addition there were some areas where I felt that it faltered. Throughout the entire novel, spells were mentioned but never in detail. I wanted to know more about it, the concept, the way it was used, how it was used!

The ending itself was another issue for me. What happened to the others characters after the group split up? Did they travel somewhere else, did they die?

Overall: An addicting read from start to finish no matter the flaws. A 24 episode drama compacted into a simple 300 or so paged book.

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