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 Fade takes off exactly where Wake ended. I felt that Fade, compared to its predecessor, Wake, did not reach its full potential. While I agree that Fade was still as captivating and hard to put down as Wake, it was way too rushed for my taste and had too many unanswered questions.

For one, while I thought the gateway to Martha, another dream catcher like Janie who passed away in Wake, through Janies dreams was innovative and fun, I had some questions. How for example, are they connected? I would have understood it if she happened to be alive and traveled to Janies dream, but she passed away even before Janie knew she knew Martha was a dream catcher. Was it a subconscious effect, or somehow the notebook triggered a mysterious dream catcher guidance?

Moving onto Janies and Cabels relationship. Remember how I stated in my review forWake that I felt that they were moving too fast? Well, this time they ran a marathon. Maybe its just my opinion. Also Cabel is an emotional roller coaster, which if I could, I would have asked for a quick break ever once in a while. He can put Edward Cullen to shame with his angst. I had a strong urge to throw a paper ball at his head and scream,stop ignoring Janie! Take a chill pill!

Onto the plot; like WakeFade takes you onto a journey to solve a case. Except this time instead of drug dealers, we are talking about sexual predators. It was a love and distaste relationship between it and me. For one, I love the build upgreat details, great clues, and great action. My only complaint had to be the vocabulary. I definitely recommend this to be read by the older teens, some things can get graphic which I do not find to be appropriate. Other than that, it was fine.

If the Wake series ever turned into a television series, I am definitely TiVo-ing it. Seriously. It has all the making to become a smash hitdrama, action, and for those who are interested, sex.

Overall: A great sequel! I am immediately counting down the release of Gone, the third installment to this awesome series!

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