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I enjoyed the small facts of sea creatures, the folklore behind the island, and in general the little details which gives the novel an excellent foundation. I thought the way the tale of the merman and mermaid was nicely presented through the voice of a fisherman.

My biggest disappointment was the fact that the relationship between Miranda and Leo was never dealt with in detail. It was just a few scenes of only these two. Love at first sight is a good start, but what comes after the first sight is important. I need reason why these two people are meant for each other. I need more dialogue, more interaction, a deeper connection. As well as if Leo truly is a merman. Throughout the book, I was just waiting to read about the conflict once Miranda figures the truth out. Sadly, hints were dropped that he is but never a full blown confession.

I would have also liked to read about Mirandas mothers past; her struggle, her path of falling in love and divorcing, the interaction between her ex-fiancée and old friends. What was the sudden switch from the cold shoulders to the rubbing elbows? Somehow, somewhere I need a bridge to fill in these gaps. But I enjoyed the reading about the relationship with Miranda; I thought it was realistic and not overly dramatic.

However, I did enjoy Isadores character. It was compelling and full of excitement. The way Aimee connected Isadores past and Mirandas current self was brilliantly done with the few attributes that Miranda possess similar to that of her late grandmother.

The side characters reminded me a bit much of MTVs reality TV show The Hills. Basically its a group of rich children that has no other goal in life than to get laid, rich, and beautified. I have no trouble about this but when about half the book is the activities that Miranda and they do, it just spells non-enjoyment.

Overall: A sad disappointment. A diamond in the rough is what I mostly sum it up as.

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