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Reader reviewed by Iryna

Emily needs a change of
scenery. Shes been pegged as the arty girl by the kids in her school
even her own friends. Theres some truth to that&but theres also more
to the way she sees the world than drawing or painting. Nobody seems to
understand, and thats not going to change any time soon. So when Emily
gets the chance to go to an art program in Philadelphia for the summer,
she jumps at it. A new cast of characters enters her life&and suddenly
she has to figure out who she wants to be. Shes gone from the suburbs
where everyones trying to be the same to a school where everyone is
trying to be unique. The rules may have changed, but a lot of the
pressures remain the same. With wit and empathy, Siobhan Vivian goes
straight to the heart of a teen girls search for identity including
the pain and heartache we have to go through to figure out who we are.

This book should be on the New York Times bestsellers list.

This book should be the next Twilight.

But it's not. This witty, wonderful and truly remarkable book isn't making more money then the Harry Potter series. *sigh* What is this world coming too?

Same Difference
starts off with Emily spending the day with her best friend Meg, and
Meg's boyfriend the day before Emily starts her summer art program. The
first chapter is a tad uneventful which may make some people put this
book down but I still think that Siobhan Vivian was smart to start off
where she did. Even though the beginning was slightly boring, it speeds
up and it's important that we get a glimpse of Emily's life before art
becomes a large part of her life.

The characters in this book are wonderfully realistic and I loved them all. Even the people that you're kind of meant
to dislike. They were all just so interesting to read about that I fell
in love with them - especially the artists. Reading about the summer
art program that Emily went to was also quite fascinating and it was
refreshing to look at things from an artist's perspective. I even
looked up "Art Classes" in the phone book after reading this book!

When a storm cloud passed over Emily's life, I still couldn't stop reading this novel. It wasn't necessarily because Same Difference
is a real page turner, it was more to do with the fact that the writing
really drew you in to the story. It was fun, humorous, dark and casual.
It was . . . everything. I absolutely loved it.

Overall, this is a great, wonderful story that I can't imagine you not loving! Warning: will inspire you to pick up a pen or paintbrush.

Reprinted here from with author's permission.

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