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Thirteen Reasons Why
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Reader reviewed by Erica

Thirteen Reasons Why is a darker book that is not forgetable. It wasn't a book I could necessarily say I "enjoyed" but it was a real eye opener and a great book. It deals with the horrors suicide. Jay Asher does a great job with the plot in the story, making sure readers are drawn in and kept there, then leaving with a message. There was quite a bit of suspense throughout the book.

Hannah was such a strong narrator telling her own story. She filled the tapes with such life that it seemed you were right there with her the entire time, instead of listening in on her life. Clay was my favorite character, he was so easily likeable.

I liked that the ending seemed to wrap up nicely, and that the entire story was told. There weren't any loose ends to leave you wondering, "What exactly happened there?"

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