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Candor, Florida is the perfect community.  Teens do all their chores, study hard to get into the best colleges, and never rebel against parents, society, or their town.  Well, none of them do except Oscar, who just happens to be the son of the towns founder.  He plays the part of the perfect teen while slipping other messages to those who have the money to escape.

This all changes when Nia shows up.  Before Oscar didnt care what really happened to the others as long as he was paid.  But he cant stand the idea of Nia being changed.  So he risks everything to help her to escape.  Now the hard decision.  Should he help Nia and lose the only one who really knows him?  Or not do anything and risk being discovered?

I love dystopian stories.  And Candor delivers!  This Sci-fi tale shows to what extremes some might go to have the perfect life. Its eerily similar to some of those gated communities that seem to be everywhere.  This gives the added edge of knowing this kind of society could very easily happen.  The town Candor is disturbing in what lengths it goes to keep everything tidy. Not conforming isnt acceptable.   The aural addiction--where the whole town is wired with special messages--takes the whole Stepford town to a new level.  

Oscars way of struggling to keep afloat in this perfect society is through fighting the system. I did wonder how long a teen could fake being perfect without being found.  I liked the added romance between Oscar and Nia. She brings out what's missing in this clone-like community.  Oscar finds he misses the edge and the danger of what's outside Candor.  Im curious what does happen later when college kids graduate and flock back to Candor.

This gripping tale will keep readers on the edge of their seats especially toward the end when Oscar has to find the inner strength to make a difficult decision.  Sure to have readers asking questions long after they finish the last page.  Recommended for all those who love a good YA Sci-fi read.

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