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A Stunning Conclusion...or is it?
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The final installment in the beloved Twilight series, "Breaking Dawn" by author Stephenie Meyers was a much anticipated release celebrated by fans the world over.  Many gathered for midnight release parties at their local book stores (guilty!), or staged their own gatherings, to commerrate its arrival.

In this book, we are the welcome guests at the wedding of the century, an island getaway with unpredicted and unprecedented results, all gathered up with an ending you won't want to miss.  Beware as....the Volturi are coming, the Volturi are coming!  (sorry, couldn't resist)  Yes, don't forget about the little promise made to them regarding Bella's future back in book 2 (New Moon).  You didn't think that they forgot did you? 

I must apologize to you the potential reader as I know this post is a bit vague, but as this novel is the newest in the series, I would hate to reveal too much and spoil the MANY surprises within.  Rest assured whether you are Team Edward (YAY!) or Team Jacob, there is something for everyone in here.  Add it to your MUST READ list today!  Happy reading....
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