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The Setting Sun Brings the Rise of a New Moon
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Seconds, please? In this follow-up to Twilight, New Moon seeks to explore the strength of true love and how far we are willing to go to preserve it. New Moon exposes both Bella and the reader, to the potential absence of Edward and what life may be like with Jacob as your universal center. Can Bella handle the fallout from such an act of seeming betrayal? Can Jacob settle with being a replacement? Will she ever see Edward again? To find out, just read the book! (Can't spoil it for you.) An emotional roller coaster filled with the ups and downs that life can throw into any relationship. Jump in, strap on your seat belt and prepare for a bumpy ride!

While this is definitely the most "blue" book of the series, it scores major points with the twist and turn of events during the later half as well as exploring the utter despair losing a loved one can bring.
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