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The book New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is a, sad and depressing but full of new secrets, continuation of the book Twilight.  At the beginning of the book Bella celebrates her birthday with so much fear of getting older but happily with Edward by her side.  But something always gets in the way of their love and an accident occurs.  Edward cares about Bella so much he thinks it will be better to leave her for her own good forever and thinks that as soon as hes out of Bellas life shell forget him, but he doesnt know hell end up hurting Bella more than he thought he would.  Bella struggles so much with Edwards absence she lives day by day unwillingly knowing Edward will not come back.  She stops talking to her friends and later begins talking to Jacob and spending time with him at La Push.  Bella soon finds out that when she is in danger she could hear Edwards voice.  Since Edwards sister Alice can see the future she sees Bella doing something unsafe and thinks the worst.  Edward soon finds out that Bella is dead and doesnt bother to make sure.  Now its Bellas turn to save Edward from a mistake that he isnt even aware off. But will she be in time?

Once again my eyes were glued to the pages of one of Stephenie Meyers books.  I really recommend others to accompany Bella during her worst nightmare which may also make you sad.  But I promise that all the sadness has a reward and you wont be disappointed after reading the books ending but instead hungry for more of this werewolves vs. vampire world.



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