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My Sister's keeper is a very emotional and touching book. If you have a sister you will automatically get sucked into the story line. Kate has leukemia so the genetically engineered to have Anna to be a perfect match for Kate to save her life. Anna undergoes many procedures to save her sister. Every time Kate is in the hospital Anna is there too. This book keeps you guessing and you don't know where its going. Anna goes to a lawyer who agrees to represent her so she can be in control over her own body. She says she refuses to help Kate any more and is upset that no one seems to see her. Anna who is normally the peace keeper stands up and puts a rift in the family. If she doesn't give Kate her kidney she will die. This story is unique as it is told from every person's angle. You not only see the anguish that Anna is going through but also the flashbacks of their mother and father as well as the crazy behavior of their brother who gets over looked as well. The ending to this story is very surprising and by the end I was crying and calling my sister. It was a wonderful book!
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