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After reading Wake by Lisa McMann I switched right over to Fade the sequel novel. This book was also pretty good like Wake. You are back in the story of Janie and Cabel. Janie who is instantly inserted into dreams when anyone is dreaming in a near distance to her and Cabel her boyfriend who is working undercover with the Police for various different reasons. The Police Department offers Janie an undercover position with them as well for a paycheck and a full scholarship to college. Their next assignment is to find out if there is a sexual predator among the teachers at their local high school! Cabel of course would do anything before he let Janie get hurt but she is focused on finding out who it is and bringing justice with it. With her gift she has hard choices to make. Her gift/curse has terrible side effects that become more and more apparent as she tries to control the dreams she goes in and out of. She is slowly losing her eye site and the use of her fingers. She has to make the decision to either live a life of solitude away from anyone who dreams in hopes of prolonging these side effects or becoming Ok with what she is and using it to focus to help others. The tail of Janie is a great one. I would recommend to anyone to read as a light summer read. However use caution for younger readers there is many cuss words throughout Wake and Fade.
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