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Young Adult Fiction 2081
A book for people who liked Gathering Blue
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Reader reviewed by Dominique

Messenger is like a sequel to Gathering Blue. This time, the story is told from Matty’s point of view. He leaves the place where he grew up to go to Village, where he lives with Seer, a blind man. Matty is welcome at Village, where the people who live there help Matty become a better person.

Matty becomes a messenger for Village. He knows the forest well and is not afraid of it. He is sometimes sent to deliver messages to the people of Village, but sometimes he has to go past the forest. But after sometime, Village is not as peaceful and calm as it was before. Things change, and Matty is sent by Seer, back to his original home to get Kira, the Seer’s daughter. Matty must convince Kira to come to Village before it is too late.

This was a pretty good book. Although in my opinion, Messenger was not as good as Gathering Blue, I would still recommend it to you if you liked The Giver and Gathering Blue or books by Lois Lowry.
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