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Reader reviewed by Kaycee Joy

Continuing the story of Kaye from Tithe, in Ironside there is even more complications
faced. Kaye declares herself to Roiben (King of the Unseelie Court),
believing it will make them an official couple. Well, Roiben gives Kaye
an impossible quest: to find a faery that can tell an untruth.
Along with the quest, Kaye is torn between the Seelie and Unseelie
Court and where she belongs. Another problem includes getting the human
Kaye back to her mother and feeling unwelcome back into her human family. Kaye must figure out how to solve all these problems before Roiben battles the Seelie Court.

who loved Tithe should continue on with the story! Basically I cant
recommend Ironside to anyone unless they've read Tithe. But I can
recommend you to start reading Tithe! Its great.

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