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I did read all of the Twilight series, and I really, really liked it at first. The whole idea of a vampire/human relationship was really different and I usually don't read vampire novels. But this book (and series) interested me, because it wasn't hard-core vampire-sucking-everyone's-blood kind of story, it was really just a romance novel. I liked the whole werewolf thing, and the history and everything. But then, I read other classic novels and then read Breaking Dawn, and I realized that Stephenie Meyer just needs to write a little more and get a little experience. The characters were a little boring, and Edward was much too perfect. His only flaw was that he sort of hated himself, but he had Bella, which fixed all of his-his only problem. The end of Breaking Dawn was a little anti-climactic because there was the whole build-up of the ending battle. And the ending ended too perfectly. The birth scene where Bella's spinal cord was a little strange, and there was a lot of Bella just wanting to, you know... *gah, no profanity*.
Anyway, I think over time, Stephenie Meyer could be a good author because she has a lot of good ideas, but Breaking Dawn was a little too strange and didn't have the ending that it built up to be. And a perfect half-vampire, half-human baby that blushes and is even prettier than Edward? ... *grumble*
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