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This book astonished me and and it made me think about who is actually in the hallways.

I love how in this book the author explains every boyfriend and not just saying "i liked him but, he didnt like me" it didnt do that, it actually told you the whole story of them.

My favourite guy from th boyfriend list was Gideon (you'll learn about hm in the book).

The main character in this book is Ruby Oliver and she gets a very bad reputation when her boyfriend list (for her 'shrink' or another name is therapist) gets photocopied and given to all the students at Tate (name for her school) and her boyfriend (Jackson) dumps her because of Kim (her bestfriend), and so on.

Eventually she gets everyone to hate her.

I like all the character in the book because they are all very commonly found people in a school, but sometimes not everyone knows it.
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