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Reader reviewed by EshInoBi

An Abundance of Katherines was okay. It was cheesy, odd,
weird, but it wasn't exactly bad. It's young-adult, and I highly
recommend that you don't read it if you're below... uhm, let's say 15?
Nah, you probably could, but there were just some parts that were just
plain gross. The idea of the story was interesting, but the end of the
story wasn't that satisfying. Also, the main character, Colin,
apparently is a prodigy, and though he's really smart, his main 'thing'
is anagrams. It just wasn't right. And the whole story takes place on a
road trip, and, well... the ending just wasn't, well, you don't know
what'll happen... But it was still okay. I just wouldn't recommend it
to anyone... Not just because of the... err, gross parts, but the
quality itself.

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