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Reader reviewed by fayeflame

I found the idea of the story captivating. Faeries are real, and they
walk among us, hidden by glamour from human eyes. And they aren't
necessarily good faeries--like humans, some are good, and some are bad.
17 year old Val discovers this world when she runs away from home and
lives under the New York subway tunnels. Through unforeseen
circumstances, she ends up indebted to a troll, delivering potions to
faeries. But faeries are being poisoned, and Val ends up risking her
life to solve the mystery and protect her unlikely troll-friend.

was a dark and exciting story.It had a modern upbeat to it but i wanted
more, i wanted to know the other characters more(like what was lolli's
story).I found myself drawn into the love story that unfolded between
Val and Ravus, the troll, though it was kind of weird but sweet. Val
finds her inner strength, learns for forgive, and stops running away
from her problems. I love this book, my favorite character Roiben (from
book 1 Tithe) had a little part in the story, showing his new status as
the Unseelie King with my other fav character Kaye by his side Yay.
Great book can't wait to read Ironside

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