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A Confused Katherine Lover
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I'm the type of reader that enjoys books that you are able to relate to your own life is some aspect.

This story is about a boy named Colin Singleton who recently graduated from high school, and was considered to be a childhood prodigy. In his lifetime, he has only dated 19 girls who were named Katherine and all of them dumped him, as far as he can remember. At the end he realizes that he actually dumped one of them. After their graduation, Colin and Hassan, his best friend, decide to take a road trip. They end up in Gutshot, Tennessee where they want to visit the grave of archduke Franz Ferdinand and meet a young lady named Lindsey. Even though Colin only dates girls named Katherine, he slowly finds himself falling for Lindsey. After a personal and emotional break through within himself he overcomes all personal fears and finally goes for what feels right rather than his normal lifestyle.

I reccommend this book if you have an interest in stories about a lost boy who finds hope within himself with the help of his best friend, and everyone new he meets.

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